Sunday, July 17

Pop! Goes my........

Wow, I have not experienced this much rain since I don't know when. So it is time to invite the summer in my house.... again (see lemon batido blogpost) and here's how I am going to do that:

I love ice cream cream loves me and tends to stick around, never wants to leave and comfortably hangs on to the belly area. So we need a solution.... we are going to make our own ice cream that doesn't sticks around.

I found this Pop-Maker from Zoku on the Williams & Sonoma website. To make these popsicles you can add whatever you want. Put some sweetened lime juice together with slices of lime, or pureed strawberries, yoghurt and add some slices of banana and you have a wonderful refreshing popsicle.
They also made a recipe book to help you start your own popsicle factory.

I know I can't wait to start using this and get some sunshine in!!

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