Friday, May 4

Helloooo and welcome back ?!?!?!

I have been absent for quite some time due too.... fill out the dotted line. Anyway I am 'back' now and hope I can keep you updated on interesting, nice, new, funky, catchy, yummy and to-cool-to-be-true kitchen tools, gadgets, chinaware, foods, restaurants etc... Starting with:

Yesterday I had a nice rendez-vous with my dear friend Tally. Since she moved to Spain already a long time ago, it is always very nice to see her again. So I made a reservation at a somewhat 'new' restaurant in Amsterdam. I had never been there before, neither had she so it was all new and NICE! Interesting detail: the restaurant's name is in French but their kitchen is Italian.

Although the majority of the staff was on sick leave, which left them with only 3 people available, everybody was still friendly, no stress and actually it was not really noticeable. I was quite impressed by that, since we all know that good service can be hard to find in Amsterdam...

The food was great, we had pear ravioli and sea bass and a wonderful dessert, you can see the picture below ;-) it is chocolate fondant with a liquid center (yummy!!) and a sambuca-espresso semifreddo also delish!!!

So whenever you are in Amsterdam, make sure to give this place a try (make sure to make a reservation!!)


  1. had such a great dinner with you, love Chantal

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  3. I love to use these and when we go We had the seabass & lobster ravioli as well as the Greek salad and a pizza. Everything was great as was the service. Chris did an excellent job bringing everything out very quickly. We did not wait for anything. The Caesar salad was very good as well. read more