Tuesday, June 7

Fruits & Vegs of the Season

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As I like to promote that we should go back to eating fruits and vegetables of the season I decided to put everything in a quarterly table. So since June just started, you'll already get an update next month! I will never forget when I was in Serbia last November. Most of the country consists of agricultural areas so for one month I saw the farmers harvest the corn, burn down the remaining and plough the land for the next type of vegetables/fruits they were planning on growing there. I have never tasted such good tomatoes as when I was there. So every time I had the opportunity to eat them, I did. However, eating mostly in the countryside the day came that the waiter said: sorry, they're out of season.... That was a first for me. Can you imagine sitting in a restaurant and they don't serve tomatoes? They eat what the land gives them and so should the rest of the world. It doesn't make any sense to eat strawberries in the winter. And if you do buy them, you'll notice that they taste like crunchy water with red colour... Nothing more. So therefore a handy list which vegetables/fruits you can buy now. And really try it, it tastes much better and it is also cheaper than the other vegetables available. So it is also money saving ;-)

If you have trouble with some of the vegetables, they're not all very popular, you can experiment with them as there are many recipes to be found on the internet. Also Jamie Oliver made a book on how to cook with seasonal veggies/fruits: Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life
He also gives tips on how to grow your own vegetables, isn't he smart!!! Good luck!

P.s: this list focuses on countries in Europe and is partly applicable for North America as I'm not sure how many of these vegetables are grown there. But of course feel free to see if you can get them, try to experiment, makes cooking more fun!

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