Tuesday, June 7

Rooftop Farming

Howdy Guys! How y'all doin'?

There is a new trend up and coming and I LOVE it. Since big cities as New York don't have the capacity to grow their own vegetables they have to get them from far... but that costs a lot of money for distribution etc... So some people started farming on top of a skyscraper! I guess they must have the office with the best view ;-)

No but seriously, I think it's a great idea to bring some green to mix in with all the grey. I hope this will inspire people around the world to, even though you live in a big city, even if you have the smallest pad, do try to grow some greens yourself. Start little by growing some herbs and then you can start growing your own tomatoes, strawberries and maybe even plant a small fig-tree. I guess you will surprise your guests when you say you harvested those luscious tomatoes yourself!!!!

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