Sunday, January 19

Bakers & Roasters

Ooooo discovering new places always makes me soooo happy!!!
Today I tried out Bakers & Roasters in Amsterdam. I can't find their website but they are on  Facebook

Anyway they have an extensive breakfast lunch menu from huevos rancheros to a stack of american pancakes in all sorts to lentil salads. Also their drink menu is quite impressive... they even serve the Lemon Batido :) only they name it different....

Since I am on the road to eating more healthy I decided not to opt for the hash browns with salmon and eggs nor the pancakes but the green lentil salad with kale and cranberries... and must admit... even though the presentation of a dish like this on a plate is quite ambitious... the cranberries added a touch of nice color in this quite dark looking salad.... it tasted great and l loved it a LOT. 

As a drink I chose the green juice which is a mix of green apple, celery, ginger, very fresh! 

Since this place is very popular especially under expats and tourist... I  didn't hear 1 word of Dutch whilst being there... and making reservations is not possible... we waited for 30 minutes to be seated... but it was worth it... what I also like is that it is a no nonsense place.... meaning that you have to order at the bar and there is a table where you can get water, cutlery and napkins. 

If you are a sweet tooth they have many home baked goodies which unfortunately I didn't try out. 

I guess since I was there on a Sunday.. it will probably be less crowded on a weekday. 

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