Thursday, June 30

Crazy Nails

OK, originally this blog is about food.... BUT, today I found out about something that I just have to share with you and since this product is a liquid before it turns it is actually both... I decided to blog about it anyway. So what is it.....?



Since a few weeks there is a new cosmetic store in Amsterdam called INGLOT The brand already exists for 25 years and is from Poland but I just found out about this brand today. Apparantly, while travelling, I only saw Nars and MAC, without opening my eyes for other brands.

So today I walked in to check it out and it is an amazing store. They have so many different colours but besides that so many different fun products. The most beautiful body sparkles/shimmers, eye shadows, eyeliners with glitter etc etc. But the product that excited me the most is their Crazy Nails nail enamel.

This is how it works.... choose a nice colourful nail enamel that you like, pink for example, and then choose one of the 7 colours of the Crazy Nail enamel for example red. You only need to apply 1 layer and when it dries it 'cracks open'.  So what you end up with is a nice piece of art on every nail. Through the red cracked open top coat you see the pink of the first layer...... I'm soooo excited by this, it is so cool!!! I put some pictures for you to understand me better and I really hope you like it as much as I do!!

And.... I shouldn't forget to mention that the staff in the store was very friendly, they were very happy to show me around and to inform me about their assortment.

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