Friday, July 1

Fusion breakfast

Wow, best breakfast ever!!! Last November I have been in Serbia for almost one month where I have tried many of the local delicacies. One of them is called Rakija, a schnapps with 50% alcohol. Rakija comes in many different flavours and my favourite is plum (slivo) honey (med) or quince (dunja). As the tradition has it, you drink one shot of rakija in the morning at breakfast to get your machine going ;-) So I happily did that for almost a month, hey it's tradition ;-)

One of my friends is a travel journalist and she was lucky to go to Macedonia a few weeks ago and she also got accustomed to the traditions of the Balkan. As a gift she received a bottle of Rakija (made of plums) which I was very happy to share with her. As the new Dutch herring arrived 2 weeks ago fresh from the sea a match in heaven was created.

My friend and I decided, she would bring the Rakija and I would bring the we did and this picture was made this morning. Best way to start the day!

Rakija and Herring.... how could you ever survive without?

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