Monday, July 4

Hong Kong


Dear all,

Sorry for not posting as much as I normally do but I am in Hong Kong at the moment. I am here because of my job so I dont have too much spare time on my hands... I hope you'll understand. At this right moment I am at the Excelsior hotel's roof terrace called Tott's ( talk of the town) enjoying a very nice classic cocktail which is called: Negroni
In it is: tanqueray gin, campari and martini rosso and I LIKE it!!!
Ths roofterrace is absolutely amazing!! I have the best view on the skyscrapers, which at eight o'clock at night, start a lightshow, these are first class seats ;-)!!!!
Ciao de Hong Kong!!!!!

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  1. hi sweetiepie, enjoy your time in that amazing city, good luck finding goodies for your business.
    Love Chantal