Friday, June 3

Chocolate Fondue

Last week I was happily surprised when one of my close friends (who lives in Spain) was in Amsterdam and invited me for a chocolate fondue at  on the Brouwersgracht 139.
Not only did the quality of the chocolate (so pure and thick, yummy!!) put a huge smile on my face, also the amount of fresh fruits, marshmellows and home made (!) nougat made that smile even bigger.
This espressobar is very small yet very cosy. It has a small terrace where, in the summer,  you can sit for hours watching small boats passing by through the canal..... After my tummy was filled with all that chocolate, there was unfortunately no more room for me to throw in some other delicious looking sandwhiches/pastries/chocolates/coffees so I definitely have to go back soon!!!

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