Saturday, June 4

ooooh Nigella

I actually don't watch tv that often as I just don't like what's on it most of the time. Exactly:  most of the time. There's one huge exception.... cooking programmes. I can watch those for hours and never get bored. Imagining how it would taste, if I could make it etc... and of course there's is one queen... Nigella Lawson. I can watch her for hours making the most nicest dishes of all. I can't remember seeing her making something that I wouldn't like. Also the way she talks about food: finally it is not about counting the calories, or informing on how many calories there are in a dish. It is all about home made cooking, no pre-fab stuff from the supermarkets and fresh ingredients. So therefore her link in my blog. Thank you Nigella for being such an inspiration!!!!

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