Monday, June 6

Yeah Tabbouleh

The author of this blog is sooo right!! How many times I tried ordering Tabbouleh and ended up getting something that didn't even came close.... it should be a very nice fresh, mainly, herbal salad with some tomato and some bulgur. Not the other way round. I understand that it is a lot of work, chopping all the ingredients, making sure you leave out the stems and that it is also cheaper to put more bulgur in it but .....  that should not be an argument. When one orders a Tabbouleh, one should get Tabbouleh and not something else. Like one day I ordered in a cafe a Ceasar Salad and ended up getting a  salad with ham and pineapple....seriously??  Their answer: oh that's how we make them here...."  Well then, don't call it a Ceasar Salad, it's that simple...

So I hope you enjoy this recipe of Tabouleh, I know I will on a hot summers day!

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