Friday, June 10

Get Fresh at the Weekend

Don't these 2 look nice! It's a new product by Dutch designer company Royal VKBThey are well-known for their innovative homeware products. They re-design day-to-day used items into ones that are almost too beautiful to use.

This colourful item is their latest design and is called: Citrange

We all know we like fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, but the hassle to make it.... well not actually the squeezing but more the cleaning afterwards..... especially when using a (electric) squeezer, all those little fibres, they get stuck everywhere. I guess that is the main reason withholding me from making my own. 

Well Royal VKB's Citrange says bye-bye to that obstacle. It fits directly onto a glass, it can be used two-sided so it fits limes and oranges and it is dishwasher safe..... the funnel inside makes sure that the juice goes in the glass and filters out the seeds. 

I guess my obstacle is gone......

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