Friday, June 10

Mon Cupcake

Since it started to rain.... again.... I decided to do something that I like a lot: baking cakes. I got a present the other day that contains a very nice cupcake recipe book, with 10 silicone cupcake molds and an icing syringe. It's a very cute giftset the only thing you need... is to understand French..... and luckily I do

I made their basic vanilla cupcake recipe (with a touch of cardamom) which is made only with egg whites, making the structure very light and fluffy. 
I still need to get used to using a syringe for decorative icing...but I think I did a nice job ....... 

for a beginner ;-) 

On top of the cupcake is a layer of pure chocolate and I made the icing with powder sugar and fresh raspberry juice giving its pink colour. Perfect to bright up a rainy day!

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