Monday, June 13

Very Raspberry

Since the raspberries are almost falling from the sky as they are to be found everywhere, I remember a recipe that I'd like to share. It is, of course, with chocolate but the combination of all tastes and structures together makes this dessert a real treat!

I got this recipe from Nigella. I remember very well watching the tv when she was preparing this dessert (Pavlova is the name). It almost got me stuck to the screen as it just seemed sooooo delicious. The picture      you see is of a Pavlova that I made as a part of the wedding cake (they didn't want anything traditional, rather several different cakes,  more about those later!)
As you can see, it looks beautiful on any table as the bright pink/red colour of the raspberries on top of the white cream and the dark chocolate makes it looks very vibrant.

Let me know how yours turned out!! Pictures please!!!!!!!! 

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