Thursday, June 9

A new DRESSing!!

Surfing the net I came across this new item and ladies beware... you probably now all want one of THESE

I must admit, I don't have an apron. It is not because I don't want one, it is just that I really dislike the ones that are available. I tend to find most aprons outdated and old-fashioned and if there is something that I'm really not than it is that. Putting on an apron makes me feel like a grandmother doing nothing but cooking and cleaning the house. I'm not in that stage of my life yet so why should I pretend that I am?
Besides that I am one of the lucky few that rarely spills or stain my clothes.

Anyway I think that these aprons are sexy and there is nothing wrong with that! Thinking of sexy, it should not come as a surprise that these dresses are inspired by Italian culture.  Why shouldn't women look good in the kitchen? Finally the times of kitchen fashion are a-changing!

Unfortunately only, for now, available in The Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

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