Thursday, June 9


It's tea time and as Undutchable as I am I prefer nice high quality tea. Not the kind you get from the supermarket which is just black tea with some added flavour. NO I like tasty tea.

One of my favourite brands is Clipper Tea (do I need to say it's English?) They come in all sorts of flavours but most important, it's organic and fair trade.
As I like almost all of their flavours it's hard to choose my favourite but I guess the Orange & Coconut infusion is my favourite. It's very nice and fresh, especially with breakfast. Although it says coconut, it is only a hint of coconut that you will taste.

Number 2 must be the Indian Chai Tea

Unfortunately these teas are (well at least not in Amsterdam) to be found in local supermarkets but you can get them at organic/biological food stores. 

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