Friday, June 3

Trip to Memory Lane

It's always nice to bring back memories especially in a place where you have made many of your own! With 2 friends I had dinner at the "Le debut" restaurant of the Hotelschool The Hague in the Netherlands. All of us graduated from this school in 2006. Where first we were the waitress or the chef of this restaurant we were now the guests and it is funny to see that although time passes by, it has not changed a bit! Except for one thing.... On the menu there are always items that are 'served', 'prepared' or 'made'  at your table. So ofcourse, you try to order those items. One of my favourites is "crepes Suzette' for desert. Unfortunately the last time a student tried to prepare this at a table the roof literally was set on fire, so school has decided to delete that item on the menu.
But nonetheless, there are still other delicious items to choose from. For dinner I shared a beef fillet which was served with a bĂ©arnaise sauce and fresh Dutch asparagus. 
The desert I had chosen was a cheese platter with Dutch cheese only. Truly delicious as well as it was served with toasted raisin bread and some thick apple sauce. 
Since this is a restaurant for training purposes, the prices are very attractive. The beef was 17,50 and the cheese platter was 7,50
So if you would like to go somewhere not that usual, please visit this restaurant. If Scheveningen is too far, there also is one in Amsterdam.


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