Wednesday, June 8

Yeah!! Go Ching!

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Wow I am soooo happy! I just found out that my favorite Chinese tv-cook Ching-He Huang launched, together with long time kitchen tool brand Typhoon, her own range of kitchen tools and tableware. They look so pretty. I definitely love the colours and that the design still has, even though very modern and up-to-date, a touch of Chinese culture in it. As what I can see from the picture, she has soup bowls, storage jars, mixing bowls, a wok, and some handy kitchen tools such as huge chop sticks which are used in the Asian kitchen a lot. I must say, I've tried cooking with those also and they are perfect for mixing noodles with sauce and vegetables but also to stir in the wok. 

What I also like is that they blend in perfectly with Typhoon's other products like this red retro colander. Can not wait to brighten up my kitchen!!!!

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