Wednesday, June 8

Jolly Joseph: too cool to be a kitchen tool!

Today I want to share a kitchen tool brand with you that I happen to like a lot. It is called Joseph Joseph and you can find their products on
All their products are functional as well as well-designed. I guess that is their starting point when they design new things.

The most known tool that they designed is the Chop2Pot. It is a plastic cutting board which you can fold so the chopped food goes directly into the pan instead of part-in-the-pan / part-around-the-pan.

Then they also have something which they call: nesting set, and the one in the picture below is the Nest 8, as the set contains 8 products: mixing bowls, a sieve,  a strainer and measuring cups. The nice thing is that they all fit perfectly into each other so the only space it is taking in your cupboard is the size of the largest mixing bowl. And the bright colours make even the darkest of days more bright. These are made for happy cooking! 

They like to design efficient but useful products at Joseph Joseph. For example this strainer. Because of its square design it sits perfectly in the corner of the sink (unless you have a round one...duhh ;-)) And because of the handle it stands very stable. So no more messing with the strainer and spilled food.

 Following the line of the hygiene protocol used in the hospitality industry, Joseph Joseph is the first one to come up with a product to bring more hygiene in personal homes. With this set of cutting boards you always know which board to use. This will prevent cross contamination. The fact that it will look very fabulous on your countertop is of course a minor detail ;-)!

 And how about these very funky salad bowls with salad servers in the shape of hands! Also a great gift item!

I hope you like these products as much as I do! If you have something that you like... please care to share!!!!

If you are wondering where you can buy these products, take a look here

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