Friday, June 3

Yummy in my tummy!

Jetty Bar at The One & Only (hotel) in Dubai
So what do we have this time? Whilst being in the Middle East I couldn't resist to try Arabic Mezze. This is the perfect finger food to accompany a nice cold Campari on the rocks, with a slice of orange. The entire setting of beach lounge, sunset and good company made everything perfect. The dolmadakias where freshly made. Nice to notice is that they don't use as much rice as the prefab ones. Also the hint of pomegranate on top was very tasty. Then there was tabouleh, what to say about it.... it was so fresh and light at the same time. This also counts for the hummus. I must admit, I was never too fond about hummus, actually I recall describing it once as minced cardboard.... I guess it said more about the person who made it ;-) This was really wonderful and since this day I am a huge fan of hummus.

So if you are planning to go to Dubai (or somewhere else in the region) please do try their traditional food. It can only taste as good as in it's natural habitat.....

Something else: ice-cream
Summer is finally here and ice-cold ice creams are more than welcome. This actually is very simple straciatella ice cream, which I like because of the chocolate chunks in it. But what I like most is the small ice-cream cup and the stainless steel ice cream scoop. They're both from the brand ASA and they come in all sorts of colours ( They also have very cute beautiful homeware!

Sisters Gourmet Cookies in a Jar
In Dubai there is a shop....I hear you think: duhhhh lots of shops so what? Well I will tell you what. The shop is called Milk & Honey and it is a gourmet grocer and I LOVE it!! They have the most wonderful fresh fruits, juices, marinated chicken loads of magazines and chocolate made from camel (!) milk!!! Also they have  fun items like these cookies in a jar, now that is what I call baking-cookies-made-easy. They're from the brand sisters gourmet and you can find more information on

More information about Milk & Honey:  Good to know:  they also do home delivery which, in summer time, can come in quite handy ;-)

Lunch: halloumi cheese sandwhich
At the XVA hotel & cafe in Dubai we stopped for lunch. This cafe is an award winning vegetarian place and however I am far from a vegetarian I do appreciate the, mostly organic, menu. Also the beautiful surrounding in which the cafe is situated can not be kept secret. The building looks pretty closed from the outside but once inside there is a nice cool patio surrounded by small rooms which are a feast for the curious mind.

Then the simplicity of this delicious sandwhich shows again that healthy, good food is not rocket-science. What you see here is pitabread with a thin layer of hummus, topped with salad, tomato, cucumber and the main ingredient halloumi cheese. It's made from goat's and sheep milk and because of it's high melting point it is often grilled like on this sandwhich. It is very easy to do so I definitely recommend to try this! Together with this sandwich I had a fresh carrot juice. The best way to hydrate during a HOT day. More information about XVA hotel & cafe

Tried this at home
This is a trial of a recipe that I saw in the Dutch Elle Eten (Elle Food) The freshness of this dish just jumps of the page. So there I went buying beans, rocket salad, lemons and parmezan cheese. Allthough my cheese crumbled in tiny bits so it is hardly noticeable in my version I must say it was delicious! So thank you ELLE for this inspiration, I will definitely make this more often.

See you next time, until then: never forget "don't waste your life eating junk food"

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